For Myself

If you are in danger or this is a medical emergency please call 911 immediately!

If you are having thoughts of wanting to harm yourself in any way please call: National Suicide Hotline- 1-800-SUICIDE


Center for Health Care Services Crisis Hot Line (Children and Adults) Contact Telephone: 800-316-9241 or  210-223-7233.




Getting help for yourself…

1) I don’t have a problem, I only drink or use drugs on the weekends.

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a chronic disease. The question isn’t how much or when you use a mind altering substance. It’s how you are unable to manage your life when you use the substance. Are you having family or relationship problems? Problems at work or school? Are your financial problems getting worse? Do you want to stop but can’t? If you answer yes, then you might have an alcohol or drug problem. Log onto the site and speak with a recovery coach.

2) Do I need to go into detox and is it expensive?

Abruptly stopping any mind or mood altering substance after long periods of use can be hazardous to your health and even fatal. Withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, sweating, nausea/vomiting, chest pain & hallucinations. Call 911 if medical emergency. There are detox centers that are state run which have sliding scale or are free. You can speak to one of our recovery coaches to help link you to the most appropriate program.

Going to substance abuse treatment will help you in the recovery process. Some facilities have inpatient programs, where you live in a safe environment for approximately 30-90 days. Facilities also have outpatient programs. You will go to the facility anywhere from 1-2 times a week to 4-5 times depending on the program. There are some facilities that are state run which have sliding scale or are free.

It will help the recovery process to find a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). The support groups are free. Log on and chat with a recovery coach so they may help you get in contact with the appropriate facility.

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