For a Family Member


If you are in danger or this is a medical emergency please call 911 immediately!

If you are having thoughts of wanting to harm yourself in any way please call: National Suicide Hotline- 1-800-SUICIDE


Center for Health Care Services Crisis Hot Line (Children and Adults) Contact Telephone: 800-316-9241 or  210-223-7233.

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Getting help for a family member…

1) My son or daughter went to treatment before and they still drink so there’s no point in going again, right?

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a chronic disease. Recovery is a process and it takes a lifelong commitment for the process of change. Because they relapsed after treatment does not mean it will not work. A relapse can be the motivation to go back to treatment or go to a 12-step meeting.

2) Will treatment work if the family member is forced into it? Treatment can be successful even if it’s not voluntary.

Due to the effects of alcohol and drugs an individual may lack the correct judgment in seeking treatment. Individuals that are pressured into treatment, whether from family, friends or a judge can still obtain the advantages of treatment as those persons that entered on their own.

3) My spouse is using prescription medication. Is it as severe a problem like cocaine or heroin? Its legal right?

Using prescription medication as prescribed from a physician is normal behavior. If he or she is taking more than the prescribed amount of medication it could be considered abuse. Also, are there problems as a result of the use? Has he or she missed work? Are they becoming difficult to be around? Angry? Lying or making up excuses to use the medication? Have they intentionally hurt themselves to get more medication? If yes, these can be signs of addictive behavior. Also, taking medication that was not prescribed to them is illegal.

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